Typical Payback Under 6 Months - How Much Could You Save?

The diagram below demonstrates the typical annual savings for Smartflush with a 9 litre cistern feeding 2 urinal bowls.
Saving examples by fitting Smartflush Urinal Control
An uncontrolled urinal flushing every 20 minutes flushes 504 times each week, using about 240 cubic metres annually for a small, nine litre cistern, costing typically £731*. (Charges vary by region, example is Yorkshire Water 2021). The same urinal fitted with Smartflush will still flush within a short time of urinal use but use much less water by starting a flush cycle only after use.
*Water 138.85p/m3 *Sewerage (95% of consumption) 179.32p/m3
With the use of our algorithm, we can provide a customised calculation of estimated savings for a particular site - please contact us for details.
Don't flush your profits down the drain