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Replacement 6V DC Solenoid Valve (XH262)

Replacement 6V DC Solenoid Valve (XH262)


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With or without Valve Connector:

This is the 6V DC, 0-12 bar latching solenoid valve for use in conjunction with the Springwell Smartflush SF4 and SF103. This item includes the coil, brass body, nuts and olives. The materials are high quality to ensure reliability.

* Please note, if you only require a replacement connector see "Replacement DIN Connector"

Key Features and Benefits

  • Magnetically Latching Solenoid - 6V DC 7.7W coil combined with a 2.0mm orifice within the brass body. This urinal flush valve is designed to work with 0-12 bar water pressure.
  • WRAS Approved - ASCO valves are put through rigorous tests in accredited laboratories to ensure the material does not contaminate the water supply and that the valve complies with the water fittings regulations.


Orifice 2mm
Water Pressure (bar) 0-12
Voltage (V) 6
Watts (W) 7.7
Type Magnetically Latching Solenoid Valve
Material Brass Body
Part Number XH262602BW
Manufacturer ASCO
WRAS Approved Yes
Use Urinal Flush Valve

How To Use

The existing connector and cable can be re-used. Remove the connector from the existing coil by loosening the retaining screw and unplugging. Once the water is turned off, carefully loosen the nuts on the brass body to remove from the pipework. When fitting the new valve take note of which way the incoming water supply needs to enter the valve by locating the ‘IN’ mark on the bottom of the brass body. Once fitted to the pipework, plug the existing connector in to the valve, tighten the screw and press the manual flush button on the Smartflush controller to test operation.

Smartflush instructions can be found by clicking the link: Instructions

What's Included

  • High quality Solenoid Valve
  • Fitting Instructions

* Please note, if you only require a replacement connector see "Replacement DIN Connector"

Our Guarantee

  • Free technical support by phone or email
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Proven reliability
  • Products that comply with legislation
  • Products manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 quality standards


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